Choosing the Right
Neighbourhood for You

By: Capstone Real Estate Professionals

Choosing the Right
Neighbourhood for You

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At Capstone Real Estate Professionals, we pride ourselves on being neighbourhood experts. From our community involvement and continuously shared support of local businesses, our real estate agents have great insight into Wellington County’s market conditions, shops and amenities, and we can provide targeted recommendations on properties based on your specific needs and preferences.

When choosing a neighbourhood, here are some things you should consider:


Type of Home
Are you interested in a detached, condo or townhome? Do some research on what different types of homes offer and consider the associated fees that may come with them to help narrow down your search.


Do you need a car to get to work? Are you going to be taking transit? Do a test run before committing to a certain area.


Mature Area vs. Up-And-Coming
Older neighbourhoods are great for their charm and characteristics, but often older homes require more repairs. Meanwhile, newer developments are more likely to have modern finishes and less repairs are needed.



What would you like to see in your new community? Is it more coffee shops? Events? Whatever it is write it down and choose areas that have those features.



How important is it to you to be within walking distance of things like schools, shopping and groceries? Think of what you want or need to be close to.



Everyone has wants and needs, but have you considered the things you don't want? For example, if you prefer a quiet setting, you might want to avoid properties that back onto a highway or a busy street.

If you're on the search for your next home in an ideal neighbourhood, contact our teamwe're happy to help!